The Research Data Storage Service (RDSS) is useful for backups, archiving, and storing research data files.

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  • CIFS/SMB and NFS shares are available
  • Auditing
    • Shares can be mounted to Windows/Mac/Linux computers via CIFS/SMB, NFS, or both
  • Snapshots
    • Recover a deleted file (or a different version of a file) within 30 days
    • Shares can be configured with a backup copy for fault tolerance and snapshots (optional) for previous version recovery
      • Please note that the number of snapshots taken can be up to the requester to some degree
  • Replication 
    • Copies files to a remote site every four hours for disaster recovery
  • Access Management
    •  Allows users to manage groups and access to resources from one central location using a familiar interface
  • Access from off-campus is available through VPN (UI Anywhere),  Virtual Desktop, Globus: Research Data Collaboration Service (RDCS), and Research Remote Desktop Service (RRDS)
  • Easily share data with internal and external collaborators using Globus: Research Data Collaboration Service (RRCS) (some restrictions apply)

RDSS is approved for the following data classification levels:

  • Public
  • Internal
  • Restricted *
  • HIPAA * (SMB/CIFS only)
  • Export-Controlled (Please contact before putting Export-Controlled data on LSS)

* If you intend to store protected health information (PHI) from UIHC on LSS, you are responsible for obtaining approval from the UIHC Data Governance group.  Please submit a request by navigating to the UIHC Data Governance Request Form

For researchers with a faculty appointment, a single 5TB share with backups is available upon request at no cost on either RDSS or the Large Scale Storage Service (LSS). Additional space may be purchased at the standard rate

Researchers who are not eligible for the no-cost 5TB may purchase storage space at the standard rate of $270 per TB per year (billed monthly at $22.50 per TB per month)

Purchase Additional Space: 

Additional space may be purchased at the standard rate of $270 per TB per year by emailing Please include the name of the RDSS volume, how many additional TBs of space you would like, and the MFK to be charged